Total Wellness Cleanse Review

Total Wellness Cleanse Program by Yuri Elkaim: Reviewing the Benefits of Cleansing and Detox

Total Wellness Cleanse is touted as the most complete cleansing and detox diet program in the market these days. Developed by Yuri Elkaim and Amy Coates, the program aims to help users switch to better lifestyles by allowing them to rid their bodies of toxins from years and years of unhealthy eating habits.

There is quite a number of cleansing and detoxification programs being advertised to the public, but I decided to take a closer look at the Total Wellness Cleanse program because of the positive feedback it has received from many users.

Total Wellness Cleanse Package

Before we go deeper into what the Total Wellness Cleanse Program entails, let’s take a minute to understand why there is a need to cleanse and detox on a regular basis. You see, processed food products and produce are often sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals to facilitate production or growth. These same chemicals enter the body through the food we consume, therefore causing a buildup of toxins that could cause harm in the long run. By cleansing and detoxing, these chemicals are flushed away, leaving the body with a clean slate and allowing it to function properly.

Elkaim’s Total Wellness Program promises to deliver the level of cleansing and detox that the body needs in order to naturally flush away toxins from the organs and the cells. By providing a comprehensive program that is packed with a lot of information, Elkaim makes it possible for people to cleans and detox in the comfort of their homes without the need to hire a professional to teach them. As long as there are no special medical needs that you need to consider, Elkaim promises that you can take advantage of the Total Wellness Cleanse program to achieve excellent results.

What the Program Has to Offer

Users of the Total Wellness Cleanse program can expect to be treated to a comprehensive health and wellness diet unlike most weight loss and cleansing products available. Most weight loss products promote the use of “nature-derived” supplements or food selections, but the truth is that you can never be really sure that the ingredients or the types of food being recommended are in fact safe and organic. The Total Wellness Cleanse offers none of that to users, rather utilizing organic and wholesome food in order to “reprogram” the body back to the way it was before toxins and other chemicals started to build up from within. Aside from this, the program also provides ways for users to maintain the benefits they have reaped from the cleansing and detox diet by continuously eating healthy, doing exercises, and being wiser with their food choices.

Cleanse Phase Explained

Those who purchase the Total Wellness Cleanse Package will have access to several items, all of which guarantee to deliver the promised results within 30 days. First on this list is the Total Wellness Cleanse starter kit which consists of 15 different sections that provide step-by-step instructions and guidelines to users. This starter kit can be considered as the heart of the program because it tackles every aspect of cleansing and detoxification in a manner that is not usually presented in other types of detox and diet products.

The Cleanse Teleclass Series on the other hand comes in 13 MP3 audio classes that users can listen to during the two-phase cleanse and wellness program. These audio classes provide additional support in order for the user to keep up with and be able to understand the benefits of the cleansing program. In addition to this, each user will receive a coaching email from Elkaim during the 30-day cleanse and detox period and continuous support through Elkaim’s Facebook page. There is also an additional compilation set that features 101 ways to achieve total wellness.

How Total Wellness Cleanse Works

Elkaim’s program involves two phases, with each having their own set of instructions and guidelines that users are supposed to follow during the 30-day period. The first phase or the cleansing phase will allow the body to rid itself of the toxin buildup through the cleansing and detox procedures of the Total Wellness Cleanse program. This lasts 14 days, and similar to taking a bath to get rid of the dirt, the procedures discussed in the cleanse phase provides users with ways to internally wash off the accumulated toxins from the body.

Total Wellness Cleanse Quick Start Guide

The maintenance phase commences on the 15th day once the cleanse phase is completed. Users, by this time, will have achieved the primary goal of ridding the body of all the junk that has accumulated over the years and preparing it for a healthier and disease resistant environment. At the same time, users should see also see initial results such as gradual weight loss and increased energy levels. It is now just a matter of maintaining the healthy state of the body and preventing the same kind of toxin buildup previously experienced.

The maintenance phase of the Total Wellness Cleanse program encourages users to follow the recommended meal plans and recipes provided in the package. To ensure that users will always have resources when planning healthier meals, Elkaim and the Total Wellness Cleanse have included 8 weeks’ worth of meal plans and recipes that users can follow to build on the foundation of health that has been built during the first 14 days. Aside from these two phases, those who undergo the Total Wellness Cleanse program will also have a Candida cleansing guide to fully cleanse the body of toxins and other unwanted chemicals and wastes.

What I noticed about these two phases is that they are not simultaneously accessible when the order has been placed. Those are just starting out in the program will receive the first part of the Total Wellness program as soon as payment is verified. The second set of instructions and guidelines will be available after a user completes the cleanse phase, probably so as not to overwhelm the user of the information provided in both phases. This is a good thing in my opinion because those who try it can focus on the first phase and not be distracted by what the second phase has to offer.

The Advantages of Total Wellness Cleanse

Informative is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the Total Wellness Cleanse program. It is quite packed with helpful advice and tips as well as instructions that are very easy to follow. As of this writing, I have yet to come across a cleansing and detox program that offers as much knowledge and useful information as the Total Wellness Cleanse program. Everything is also presented and organized in such a manner that users will certainly find easy to read.

Total Wellness Cleanse Bonuses

Another advantage to the Total Wellness Cleanse is the fact that Elkaim and Coates have the experience and expertise to back their program. Elkaim is a successful health and wellness guru who has penned several books in his chosen field, while Coates is a registered holistic nutritionist who has years of experience under her belt, helping people create healthier dietary plans in her career.

The Downside to Total Cleanse Wellness

The only thing which threw me off the program is its price. With traditional cleansing and detoxification programs, those who are interested will be asked to pay anywhere between $30 and $50. This is not the case however with the Total Wellness Cleanse package. Costing more than a hundred dollars for the whole program, it seemed a bit steep in my opinion.

What I can say though is that because the program is complete and very informative, the price is worth the investment. The more affordable detox and cleansing programs in the market these days don’t offer as much information and assistance as the Total Wellness Cleanse package. Aside from this, once the program is followed to the letter, there is no longer need to hire a detox professional – something that will otherwise cost thousands of dollars in the long run.

Total Wellness Cleanse Money Back Guarantee

Pricing and Recommendation

As of this writing, the Total Wellness Cleanse program costs $197 for the whole package. Those who would want to take advantage of the program but are short on funds can, on the other hand, take advantage of the 3-payment offer of $77 which will be charged on a bi-weekly basis. Aside from this, the Total Wellness Cleanse program also comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee so there’s no risk involved should one decide to try it out.

With the amount of information presented in the Total Wellness Cleanse program, I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to start on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. Not only does the program provide excellent instructions and insights on detox and cleansing, but it also offers users the chance to stay healthy for a lifetime because of the maintenance phase included in the mix. Although the price can throw you off at first, the cost of hiring specialists and trying out various pills and formulas will make you realize that the Total Wellness Cleanse program is in fact worth every penny because of the results you can achieve.

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