Smart Meter Health Risk Seminar Eugene Oregon May 22 2013

Smart Meters In Eugene Oregon, unlike in some other cites, our Electrical and Water service is still a government run effort and the decisions about how these municipal services are operated is decided by a board of directors that is elected by ‘We the People’. Much of this has been deregulated and now run by private corporations in other areas near and far. At this point there is a very important decision that these elected officials in Eugene, Oregon must decide upon and the decision appears to be clouded by some sort of ulterior motive.

They must listen up and hear this message loud and clear, as there won’t be a second choice in this matter.

The so called “Smart Meters” are a type of electrical power meter that has been adopted by many electrical power companies in an effort to create what is known as a “Smart Grid” which utilized a structure of thousands of these “Smart Meters” which pass data between each other throughout the entire city where they are installed.

So what’s the problem here?

We the original design for these Smart Meters and the smart grid involved sending signals from one meter to the next over the electrical wires, makes sense right? They are all connected anyway!

Without pre-market testing the design was updated and the Smart Meters that have been installed in the jurisdictions that these grids have been implemented instead use MICROWAVE radiation transmission.

  1. These are Microwave Transmitters which degrade your immune system
  2. They violate your privacy and have the potential to control your use of power
  3. They put the entire grid in jeopardy of being hacked and taken down

Unfortunately this is just the beginning. The microwave radiation that these meters emits is very similar to that of a mobile phone tower and there is solid evidence of cancer clusters in areas surrounding mobile phone towers (these are called mobile phone “masts” in Europe). This is a very complex issue and we are petitioning the city to take note of some vital issues before adopting such as system. There appears to be some solid precedent that if the local board of directors of the Eugene Water Electric Board ignores our valid petition and goes ahead with the 26 million dollar contract they are ready to sign in August to implement this technology; that these board members will be personally liable for hoards of lawsuits that are likely to follow it’s implementation.

Similar valid protests in many cities in California have put a halt to the installation of Smart Meters in numerous places – let’s do the same here in Eugene. Please come to the hearing at EWEB at 500 East Fourth Avenue, Eugene on Tuesday June 4th at 5:30 pm. Try to get there early, each person is supposed to be allowed to state their opinion for 3 minutes.

Above are the videos of a seminar from last week about this issue.

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