Patch Adams – Laughter As Medicine, Friendship As Medicine

Patch Adams, born Hunter Doherty Adams is most well know for the 1998 film with Robin Williams acting as Patch. Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams became known from the film for his notion of Laughter as Medicine but in this talk from Summer 2012 at the Oregon Country Fair he discusses something he feels is even stronger – that’s the notion of friendship as medicine.

His methods make a lot of sense and as this author sees it takes us back to when the doctor patient relationship had more deep meaning as it may have in the past. With technology in medicine this relationship often gets lost, somewhat ironic for me to be saying that – but truth be told much of the health technology that I discuss on my various websites is actually very LOW TECH if you really break it down. Maybe it’s the high tech diagnostic technology, harmful but status quo therapies, and uber-specialization of medical professionals that has truly destroyed much of the good old fashioned trust that used to exist between the old family doc and his patient.

You sure won’t find Patch online, like a good old fashioned family doc his initial consultation with a new patient is 4 hours long! So he doesn’t have time to be messing around with these new computer gizmos – I’d imagine he’s too busy traveling, spending time with his patients and coordinating the construction of his new hospital which is well worth supporting!

Enough of my rambling – watch and listen to what Patch has to say and type in a comment below and tell me what you think.

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