Outside The Medical Mainstream, Dr. Emanuel Revici Was ‘Quietly’ Performing Unheard-Of Cancer Miracles

Before chemotherapy and radiation became the standard, Dr. Revici was already making massive inroads into fighting cancer. He had developed effective treatments for reversing tumors, even in Stage IV cancer patients!

Consider the story of Melinda, who in 1948 was a fifteen-month-old girl with cancer of the bowel. It had spread to her lymph nodes, and she was given just two months to live.

But under Dr. Revici’s care—and without surgery, chemo, or radiation—her tumor disappeared and she was alive and well seven years later!

Or Francis, who contracted cancer of the tongue in 1942. This type of cancer is typically exquisitely painful and must be removed by surgery.

But without surgery and with Dr. Revici’s method, the lesion vanished with no recurrence for at least 13 years!

Dr. Brenner—who we introduced earlier—examined many of Dr. Revici’s records. He reported…

“[Revici] has cured many people who were otherwise considered incurable… It is my professional opinion that his medicines have worked for many of the patients whose records I have examined.”

Sworn Testimony!

“I’ve seen the case reports. I agree with what Dr. Brenner says.”

Rudy Falk, M.D.
Director of Surgical Oncology
Toronto General Hospital
In a 1988 sworn testimony

Not only that, his medicines have little to no side effects. What a stark contrast to chemo and radiation!

“Every patient in this institution is free of, or practically free of, pain without the use of narcotics… This ability to relieve intractable pain is a great contribution.”

C. A. Calhoun. M.D.

So why hasn’t Dr. Revici’s treatments been more widely accepted?

Perhaps much of it has to do with the fact that his ideas were just too radical—too far ahead of their time—to be easily accepted, despite his results.

But whatever the reason, you’ll soon discover specific examples of deliberate sabotage of Dr. Revici’s career by prominent members of the mainstream medical community.

The devastating effects of this sabotage destroyed any chances of Dr. Revici ever securing mainstream support in his lifetime.

And because of it, the medical establishment has condemned millions of American citizens to death from a curable disease… while the established “cure” often kills before the cancer even has a chance to finish its work!

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