Have Also You Been Fooled By This Medical Misconception?

These days there are so many new solutions for your health problems coming your way it’s hard to sort through them all.

Energetic therapy tools such as rife frequency generators, pulsed magnetic therapy instruments, light and laser therapy are often promoted as a means of œtreating the cause of the health issue rather than just the symptoms as pharmaceuticals typically do.

But are these methods really affecting the cause of your health problems?

Advocates of this theory point to the cellular research which can show significant improvement at the cellular level for certain instruments but does that really mean that it is addressing the œcause of your health problem?

I mean just because you can improve your ATP production, your oxygen level in your blood and generally improve your cellular metabolism does that mean that you even know why your cellular metabolism (etc.) was degraded in the first place?

Who doesn’t want to improve their cellular metabolism so these instruments are quite compelling but the fact that some of them (not all) have the ability to improve your cellular functions really doesn’t say anything about why your cells were not vibrant with enough energy in the first place.

So why are you finding the need to improve your health? Why are you feeling a lack of energy and looking for answers to improve how you feel?

There really could be any number of reasons it’s rather difficult to generalize as you are a very unique individual as is everyone else. However there are some general reasons that often lead to health issues down the road.

First off it could be environmental factors; in your early youth you were exposed to some sort of toxin or substance that you may not have been aware of but now affects you.

Inoculations are another sort of problem that can take years to show up but may reveal itself later in life. In 2009 the issue of inoculations (vaccinations) has been taken to a whole new level with known military experiments which may have spread to the general population.

Maybe you were even exposed to high levels of electro-magnetic fields as a child or even live in a city where background wireless radiation is affecting your health.

There’s one other big factor that seems to be the most common and somehow overlooked and I’ll get to it in just a moment.

As you can see there are many factors to consider. One thing that is somewhat consistent is that of abundant toxins so much that your body is overloaded and can’t deal with the load so well. Your body is dealing with toxins every moment but when this toxic load is too high is generally when you œfeel sick.

Before I go any further you should understand a few things.

First of all you might be wondering why I’m even writing this?

I showed an early version of this report to a friend who pointed out that writing this sure wasn’t a good way to sell more instruments. He was right and that’s the point!

My main goal is to help you regain your health and for you to have the info that you need to do it most effectively. When you read this you’ll understand better how to get the best results with any instrument you are using without getting any false hopes.

Secondly, even if this theory (œcellular cause) is dead and gone does not mean that the instruments won’t help you.

Many of these instruments have proven their effectiveness with solid clinical studies. They can work and they can work quite well. They may very well help you regain homeostasis or ˜balance’ in your health state but if you don’t remove the real root cause that was bringing your cells out of balance your results may be temporary. Otherwise you may end up using whatever the equipment is quite regularly for the rest of your life.

The œCommon Factor which seems to affect just about everyone.

I know this is an old cliché and it’s overused but it’s so overused that it really seems overlooked: œyou are what you eat.

My version is œyou are what you eat that you don’t excrete.

You may not like to think about that stuff but this is health talk we’re allowed to go there for your health’s sake.

So what is probably the biggest contributor to the current state of your cells? Your food of course (and supplements but let’s just consider them as one for simplicity sake).

Unless you are a newborn child in which case you’ve inherited your cellular structure from what your mother has consumed and you’ve ingested through the womb this is a significant factor for the future as you may learn more about if you read a great book that I recently read.

So there’s no getting around the fact that your cells are largely the way they are because of the food you are consuming as well as the food you are not consuming.


I meant to say that it also has to do with the food that you are not consuming because if you are allergic to a food and you eat it you will obviously be affected right?

Of course this still includes your supplements as well as any drugs you may be taking. These all affect your cellular metabolism and if you are eating or taking supplements which are not agreeable with your system (after all we are all quite unique) and you continue to do this your system will be affected.

You might be thinking that’s kind of vague Joshua of course my system will be affected but how?

My only assertion for now is that you may not get as good of a result from using any instrument you are using than if the above wasn’t an issue. The rest of that question should be saved for your dietician. Even if food you are eating is not right for you you may not feel ill for quite some time and therefore you may not even be aware that it was your diet that made you feel ill.

Of course this opens up a whole new œbag of worms in the diet world and you might just need to find a new dietician if you even had one. Everyday it seems there’s a new trendy diet that promises to be your best path to health or to help you lose a few pounds but will it really work for you?

You’ll find some real answers in that book that I mentioned above. It’s a book which is generally about food intolerance and how having a real understanding of it will truly change your life.

This isn’t a book about allergy to foods like peanut butter (which tends to make people violently ill upon exposure when they are allergic) it’s about your intolerance to foods you probably eat on a daily basis and why your body reacts how it does.

Please post your feelings about this article below so we can share and take this to the next level.

This book was written by a food allergy expert who has practiced in this field for 30 years. He also happens to be an expert in the electro-therapy field as well so you really have got a lot to gain from his experience.

When you read this book you’ll not only learn why this food intolerance problem has become such a huge issue but you’ll also learn how to solve this problem on your own (even if your doctor has abandoned you or told you ˜it’s all in your head’).

I’m holding an interview with my Doctor friend that wrote this book very soon and I’d love to get your question answered during the interview. Please take a moment now to type in your question below as a comment.

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