Cannabis Science Pub is a free monthly event sponsored by OG Analytical Lab and Oregon’s Constant Gardener in Eugene Oregon with the goal of spreading awareness in the burgeoning cannabis industry for the state of Oregon and beyond. Each month features a theme chosen to help bring the industry to the next level and help protect the safety of cannabis consumers.

Part 1 is always Cannabis Trivia and there’s always a lot to be learned from Erika Winters of Oregon’s Constant Gardener who hosts the event and does the trivia.

Part 2 is Matthew Slaughter of Earthfort LLC producer of culivation micro-biome products.

Part 3 is Chris Morris of NW Beneficials who presents a talk about using beneficial insects to combat insect infestations and control/prevent infestations.

Part 4 is with Jim Fullmer from Demeter Biodynamic Certification which certifies biodynamic farms as a level of sustainability beyond the organic standards.