Alternative Cancer Therapies That Work – CANCER and OZONE THERAPY

I’ve been watching some of Markus’s videos lately and feel we are on the same page with a lot of things. In this video along with James Sloane they discuss alternative Cancer therapies & Ozone Therapy. I’ve been somewhat quiet about Ozone in these last few years and it’s time that changes. Ozone is such a powerful therapy but there is a lot of confusion about it. The laws also differ from state to state in the US in regards to Doctors using Ozone but you do have every right to do whatever you want with it in the privacy of your own home!

I agree with most of what they say about Ozone Therapy in this video, with the one exception that James refers to the machines as cold corona discharge as the same as cold plasma technology. This is a stretch, cold plasma is the method of ozone generation that was pioneered by Nikola Tesla. Many don’t realize that Tesla actually did have a company that manufactured therapeutic ozone generators. His design was known for it’s longevity, literally could run for decades without breaking down.

While our ozone steam saunas are currently out of production (sorry!) we do have the only modern design of Cold Plasma Ozone Generators which you can see by clicking here. Cold plasma is the safest design you can get for a number of reasons, only one of which is most ozone generators are made in China and the electrodes that are used in China use metals that are contaminated with all sorts of toxic heavy metals. Using high voltage to generate ozone from these metals and you’ll end up with traces of those metals in the ozone. Even at very low levels this is an issue. Avoiding metal electrodes is the best way to eliminate this problem. Cold Plasma uses noble gas filled glass tubes (think of a neon sign) that are ionized with high voltage electricity. These are “true” cold plasma which you can see from the fact they don’t require a cooling fan. If you see any company that calls their generator “cold cathode” or “cold discharge” look for a cooling fan – if it has one it’s not really cold since the fan is required to cool it.

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Alternative Cancer and Ozone Therapy: Markus Rothkranz & James Sloane

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